30 Years Later

Even the most skeptical have to acknowledge this extraordinary chain of events.

In most cases, remarkable stories tend to fade from one’s memory as time progresses and people are caught-up with the living of their lives. However, as I’ve shared in An Upraised Chalice, when one is engaged upon the Path, all manner of amazing experiences can occur. The following account is the most recent.

In late October 2015 a truly extraordinary event occurred that, in and of itself, is startling – but when combined with the very subject and mystical nature of the book, this newest event takes on a different order of magnitude.

So back to the mundane before we jump into the mystical: A few weeks back our washing machine broke down and we had to call a repair service – a week later a man shows up to fix it but was unable to, he thought a new part had to be ordered, but this was not a sure bet. We called a second repair service hoping to get a quicker fix. Several days later the 2nd repair man showed up and fixed the problem – while engaged in the repair work, he and Joanne were talking and Joanne felt prompted to give him a copy of the book – end of the story (so we thought).Archangel Michael

Several days later we picked up a voice message on our answering machine – a man who identified himself as the washing machine repairman briefly relayed: “…. I picked up the book that Joanne gave me and opened it to the page where the picture of the terrible accident is… I don’t know how to say this, or what it means, but I was there! I was driving the truck immediately in back of the car that crossed the lane and hit Gene’s car head-on.”

So almost 30 years to the day and 50 miles away from where the accident occurred on one of the busiest highways in Massachusetts, an eye witness to that fatal accident that resulted in my miraculous near-death experience shows up at our home to fix the washing machine…

Some would say that this is an amazing coincidence, but really, there is so much more here.  As I’ve shared in An Upraised Chalice, when one is engaged upon the Path, all manner of amazing experiences can occur.  Events can be shifted in time and space, often beyond our outer awareness, to make things happen at a certain time, in a certain place for reasons that are often beyond our understanding –

This newest occurrence relating to the story detailed in the book connects on many levels.  The first and most obvious to me is how we can all be An Upraised Chalice right here, right now.

Joanne had no outer awareness of what was at play, but through time and experience she has learned to act on her inner promptings.  Even though it made absolutely no sense to her outer logical mind to give the washing machine repairman the book, she didn’t question the prompting – she was acting as a conduit, an upraised chalice, to give this person a book that might bring a blessing to his life – and now because of her action, this story is going far and wide across the internet, by the press release and social media and it’s bringing Hope to more people who are so thirsty for God’s Presence in their lives.

If you are interested in understanding how the above could possibly happen, read the book – it’s a true spiritual adventure story with many extraordinary encounters – and more so, the story doesn’t end with the last page of the book – it’s really just the beginning, the road map is laid out for your own exploration.

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