The Story

~ Introduction ~

For over a month now the premonitions got stronger almost every day. Something very unpleasant was approaching.  I knew that I was going to have to be physically alert and supercharged with the Light of my Presence if I was going to be able to deal with whatever it was that I was feeling. My morning meditations were strong and clear and the mantras that I used seemed even more powerful; still, I knew within that this appointment was coming and could not be avoided. I told my family about these premonitions and made sure my affairs were in order. I thought the plane I was flying would crash.

On December 3, 1985, at around noon I was driving my car about 70 mph on my way to the airport to conduct a flight lesson for two of my students. My outer consciousness was busy with reviewing the flight plan that we would follow for the long training flight to Maine. Suddenly there was a soft explosion of Light immediately in accident 1985 - jo-scanfront and to the side of me, a sphere of fire perhaps a foot in diameter appeared in front of the dashboard stereo of my car. In this sphere of fire that was before me, yet enveloped me, like a thunderclap, Archangel Michael commanded me to do a decree, a fiat of protection.

I was shocked, dazed by this all-encompassing experience, time seemed to slow down and I reduced my speed to perhaps 50 mph instantly engaging in the powerful prayer that I was commanded to give. It was less than a minute later that a car in the opposite direction lost control, crossed into my lane, and hit me head-on. Both drivers, myself and the man who lost control, were killed. I was sent back, repeatedly.

The story that you are about to read details the lifelong chain of events that brought about Archangel Michael’s intercessions, the reasons why I believe they happened, and the prior and subsequent interaction with the Great Ones that have so shaped my life. As remarkable as this may be, there is a deeper story here—one that is vast in its implications and that contains a challenge to all who seek to know the Truth. That challenge involves the discovery of the answers to those penetrating questions: “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?”

Even the most skeptical have to acknowledge this extraordinary chain of events described in “30 Years Later”  

Please read the Foreword by David Tame and the Dedication – There are also several chapter excerpts to give you a feel for the writing style.

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