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“Nothing gets one’s attention like one’s imminent demise,” writes Gene O’Neil in An Upraised Chalice, a book that chronicles the remarkable travels, adventures, and out-of-body and near-death experiences that have marked his quest to discover the meaning of life. O’Neil’s practical insights, born of experience, cut across religious boundaries to convey a vibrant spirituality in plain, accessible language… O’Neil’s compelling book offers a clear road map for both what he calls the greatest and most exciting journey one can take (the journey within) and the greatest discovery one can make (our true identity as divine love).”- Read the entire 5 Star ForeWord Review here.12-TajMahal

“Periodically a book comes along that is capable of changing people’s minds about Reality. The just-released “An Upraised Chalice” is one such book. It chronicles the world travels and the inner and outer experiences of the author, Gene O’Neil, from Vermont. Gene includes all the stunning stories, miracles, and near-death experiences that have marked his life, told in an engaging style, filled with pictures taken along the way, and ringing of the truth of experience. With other such books, such as Proof of Heaven” and “Heaven Is for Real” (now a movie), it seems the tide is turning for the mainstream’s acceptance of life after death.” Denis Ouellette, editor – Natural Life News

“Reading Gene’s book has been a remarkable time for me to reflect upon and to question what we consider as reality in this day and age.  It felt like being in ‘a moving retreat’ with him throughout his arduous journey through mysteries, near-death experiences, shocks, conflicts, joys, and revelations— only to discover the light of the Ever-present Self.  Gene stands bold like a warrior with superb courage yet with sublime surrender to the Will of God. His enthusiasm, awareness and words soar through the ever-present field of Consciousness that is beyond time and space. I thank him on behalf of humanity.” Roop Verma – Master Sitarist / Teacher of Vedanta and Yoga Philosophy

“There’s no better place to begin, for true spiritual revelation, than with one’s own personal experience, and so, An Upraised Chalice sets the tone for anyone ready for their own ‘journey of discovery.’ Those who would drink from O’Neil’s chalice of understanding will find its contents full and complex. Near death encounters, a travelogue to the world’s spiritual places and their impact on his life and understanding make for a fascinating blend of self-inspection, pilgrimage, and revelation that holds many possible truths that will resonate with many readers. O’Neil’s search in a way can be identified as the modern dilemma of ‘everyman’: “There is a growing sense among many that something major is missing in our civilization – a lack of moral compass, a lack of direction. Many are looking for answers.”62-NamcheBazzar
And the crux of living lies in these questions: “The years turn into decades and sooner or later, (hopefully later) sickness or accidents happen and all are again confronted with the big questions: Why? What’s next? What has this life that I’ve lived been about? As one begins to consider their own eventual departure: What have I been able to do to make things a little better? What have I passed along to make others’ lives more beautiful?” —D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“The remarkable story of a lifetime quest by a modern-day mystic of his world travels and then integrating his experiences back into professional life in America. But what is eally interesting here are the practical disciplines that he incorporated into his life that paved the way for his survival in multiple near-death experiences. A fascinating and thought-provoking read.” – David Tame, author “The Secret Power of Music” and “Beethoven and the Spirtual Path”

“This is a personal story that somehow taps into each of ours – while Gene is weaving his cosmic travelogue, it is unavoidable that you will see your own reflection within it. Accounts of sacred journeys are often stilted, flaky, and indistinct – The Upraised Chalice is none of these, as it cuts across all religious boundaries to generate a clean and vibrant spirituality, accessible in plain language. It is authentic and heartfelt, and his adventure offers a clear roadmap to a higher consciousness, unapologetic for its forthrightness, determined in its execution. I have placed it on my “Recommended Reading” list – you will too. Dr. Dennis Perman, co-founder of The Masters Circle

“A journey to the East is always intriguing, and when it’s someone you can identify with you realize this is not just another unattainable spiritual story, but one that is possible for all in their own way. It’s one thing being cast into the timeless regions of the East and another coming home and making sense of it all. Upraised Chalice is a call for everyone to pause and ponder that perhaps the great journey we take is often within, and Gene presents this in a new and provocative way for those who have wondered if there’s more.”  — James Vollbracht, Author of “Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand: How to Create a Culture That Cares for Kids”29-KathmanduBodnathStupa

“Rarely do you find a book that is both an amazing-page-turning adventure as well as a truly heart-felt exploration of a sincere search for oneness with Divinity. I’ve known Gene for many years yet was still amazed at the sincerity of his spiritual search and his tenacity in following the voice/knowing of his “Inner Presence. I marveled at his hair-raising experiences and also at his tenderness toward his inner discoveries. Readers will love this book and will also appreciate the wisdom it contains as Gene unfolds his life adventures and his spiritual discoveries.  Excellent tool for growing and learning on one’s spiritual path.”

Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div
Author: Agartha: A Journey to the Stars, Spiritual Crisis,
Founder, Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing

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