To the Media,Ascended Masters

What sets Upraised Chalice apart?  The answer: Several things.

The very first sentence on the back cover sums up the new paradigm that many are exploring with the question “Are you spiritual but not religious?”  This book details a  relentless quest and glorious discoveries across a lifetime of adventures – a true story that is outside the bounds of religious doctrine and dogma.

This accounting develops a premise that will be controversial to some but weaves together a compelling story that spans the earth and stretches back into the mists of time.

  • Many have turned away from traditional organized religions and have sought to forge their own relationship with the Divine. This is the story spanning a half century of such a quest.
  • A true adventure story spanning the world in search of the Ancient Wisdom guarded and taught by the Great Masters of all time (included here are the founders of the worlds great religions)
  • This story details extraordinary adventures and numerous life changing events, any one of which would be a signature event in one’s life but when piled upon one another again and again, begins to convey a picture of something more.
  • Incorporating the teaching of these Great Masters into everyday life brought about a vitality and a vision to live a different life, including a charged atmosphere of purpose
  • Underscoring the increasing interest in near death experiences (NDEs) “Heaven is Real” and ”Proof of Heaven” has been on the best seller list for a year) – An Upraised Chalice details one “classical NDE” and several remarkable instances where death was avoided by extraordinary events. (in the Himalayas, South India, and America)
  • However the classical NDE referenced above was very different from the accounts others have given and that the nay-sayers have tried to discredit as “lack of oxygen to the brain” etc, – the author had the vision and received the command to prepare from Archangel Michael immediately prior to the fatal head-on accident
  • The accident occurred, the author had similar experiences to what others have shared about their NDEs and the author was sent back – after being told by the Great Ones to recite a powerful affirmation while in the out-of-body state that allowed for healing and the continuation of this lifetime.
  • Raising children with an understanding that they actually chose their parents and life circumstances before incarnation, that they really are Divine and that they have taken incarnation once again to grow into their Divinity and contribute something wonderful and unique that only they can bring to the symphony of creation.