This work is dedicated to those pure, beautiful children (of all ages) who have incarnated in these times to play their part in the great awakening of humanity— that they may know that they are not alone in the quiet, unformed yearnings of their hearts.

It is understood, at the inception of this work, that some will find the very concepts herein and many of my experiences detailed here to be astonishing, even unbelievable (depending on one’s frame of reference). I assure you that it’s all truly stated, with no literary license or exaggeration.

There are many thousands of others who have also had firsthand experiences in these matters and who have, through the purity of their lives, experienced direct interactions with their Divine Presence—the I Am That I Am within— and encounters with the Great Ones, be they Angels or Masters, similar to what I have detailed here.

It is also true that there are many more who are on the verge of remembering, in the purity of their hearts, that they are more than the sum total of their experiences in this lifetime—that they have come here for a sacred reason. It’s for all of you that this accounting is written. Although it’s a road map of my long journey, my hope is that it will assist you in your own journey of discovery that you might experiment with these Great Laws yourself, and see what fruit they bring to your lives.

The Great Ones have stated that each individual’s Path is unique but they all proceed from the pure aspirations welling up in the Silence of the Heart, eventually merging in the great reunion with the Individualized Presence of God, the I Am That I Am within.

Lastly, this accounting is written for those who love, because it is only through the purity of loving that we can truly perceive.