The Bodhisattva Kaun Yin on the Mercy of the Great Law – delivered on April 26, 2015 after the tragic earthquake in Nepal.
For those who are dedicated to the Path of Service to Life and Self-Mastery, the teachings of the Great Ones, known in some circles as the Ascended Masters are a profound assistance.  Below is the link to the Bodhisattva Kaun Yin’s tremendous teaching and empowerment that was delivered a few days after the tragic Nepal earthquake –  the magnitude of this Teaching and Empowerment is most relevant in light of the refugee crisis in Africa, the Middle East and Europe – It is most relevant in every day of our lives.
When the inner preparation is made through prayer and meditation prior to participating in a live or pre-recorded service through The Temple, one’s I AM Presence and the presiding Ascended Masters can chose to release the original charge of Love, Wisdom & Power that many hundreds around the world participated in during the live service.  The great key here is to get out of one’s head and into one’s heart – for it is hear that you will be able to truly perceive
Prior to and at the conclusion of each dictation from the Ascended Masters, a musical keynote meditation is played that the Master has requested. The musical meditation contains a great charge of Light that harmonizes, accelerates the consciousness of all participating, making of the entire group, in some cases many hundreds in number around the world, individually and collectively an Upraised Chalice to hold the LightKaunYin of each one’s Individual I Am Presence that the Ascended Masters add to during the service. For those who have a meditation background, it is most interesting to observe what transpires during these musical meditations and throughout the dictation.
Here is the link to the Temple of the Presence Recent Replays page, make sure your speakers are turned on as the video recording of Kaun Yin’s dictation begins playing immediately, prefaced and concluded by the five minute musical meditation.  You can also chose to participate in the recent services that are accessed through links further down this page.
As you continue to participate in these weekly live services (or a pre-recorded one), you will note how different the vibration is. Many state that what the presiding Master addresses, exactly what each one is going through at that time. These services are cumulative in nature – they build upon the previous ones in the instruction and empowerment one perceives and in the raising of one’s consciousness – all according to the Will of each one’s I AM Presence.
Sept 13, 2015 – Instruction and Empowerment on “Calling Forth the Light of God”
Once again we are profoundly blessed by this evening’s formal service with The Temple of The Presence.  Once again those of us who have participated in rapt attention to these great ongoing releases of the Brotherhood of Light are in awe as the Ascended Master’s discourse and dictations  directly speak to what so many of us are dealing with in our lives.
This evening’s instructions and empowerment was on discerning and living in the Will our Individualized I Am Presence and Calling Forth the Light of God – Indeed a heady topic. Even though I’ve been a student of these great Teachings for many years, tonight’s service contained new keys on Saint Germain’s teachings that I’ve never heard before…. keys that made these teaching more understandable and relevant to every day life.
There is no way that I could begin to describe the glorious immensity of what transpired tonight, as each one who participates, after they make their own inner attunement with their Presence, will receive the teaching differently (this is another of the  amazing miracles of the New Dispensation of The Temple of The Presence). But as usual, the entire service was recorded and the video replay is available free to all whose Heart’s Fire is Ready. Click on this link and navigate to the Recent Replays page –
As stated on the Resources page of this website – The following videos carry a charge and a vibration that is unfortunately not common in this busy world.
This instruction is delivered by the Anointed Represented Carolyn and Monroe Shearer. Watching these videos is not an intellectual exercise – as with all teachings from the Great Masters, one must view and listen with the eyes and the ears of the heart after your own inner preparation is established.